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Improving Your Putting Game Lessons from Jordan Spieths Grip

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It's the beautiful game of golf we're talking about, and almost every golfer would agree that the outcome of a good round vs. an exceptional one, more often than not, comes down to their putting game...


It's the beautiful game of golf we're talking about, and almost every golfer would agree that the outcome of a good round vs. an exceptional one, more often than not, comes down to their putting game. 

You might have witnessed that golfers with great putting usually have that edge over other golf enthusiasts, and if the light's on bogey, it typically becomes your last line of defense. While we understand that trying to improve your putting game generally comes after you've attained a certain skill level in other areas, we can skip that part if you're here!


When discussing putting skills, even among the top names of the GOLF world, Jordan Spieth's grip draws the most attention. Spieth's putting technique, a blend of precision and finesse that comes from his unique grip approach, has undoubtedly played one of the most significant parts in his success on the greens. 

His impressive track record can attest to it.

We believe that studying the subtleties in his style, from grip to stroke, will create the pathway for golfers to improve their putting game exponentially, and that's exactly what we plan on doing here.

Today, after countless hours put into study, we're here to shine the light on his renowned putting grip that golf enthusiasts marvel at. Read on as we unravel the nuances of Spieth's renowned grip and offer valuable insights paired with practical tips to enhance or refine your own putting game. 

Jordan Spieth's Putting Grip: A Quick Overview

Straying away from the "traditional" grip, the highly renowned Spieth's style, a keystone to all his glories on the greens, may seem overly unique and impossible to the untrained eye, yet it's not unattainable. 

What authenticates the difference between his grip and the traditional one is merely a visible adjustment in the positioning of his hands. Still, it is geared with much precision and control attained through multiple practice sessions.

Unlike the conventional grip, Jordan Spieth's putting grip, often termed "cross-handed" or "left-hand low," places his left hand lower than his right. 

This strategic positioning helps him maintain a firmer left wrist, a vital element in stabilizing putting stroke, providing the celebrated consistency and accuracy of all his putts. In addition, achieving this firmness is crucial in completely negating the wristiness, often leading to unfavored outcomes that some golfers struggle with. 


By incorporating Spieth's putting technique, golf enthusiasts such as yourselves could easily enhance their overall performances on the green.

Detailed Analysis Of Spieth's Renowned Grip

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

Without wasting any more words and time, let's delve deeper into the science behind Jordan Spieth's Putting Grip with accurate elaboration on how it helps him stay on top of the best putters in the game.

Right-Hand Technique: Harmonizing Stability and Control

One of the elements that sets his grip apart is the way he positions his right hand to optimize coordination, stability and control, in all his putts.

To put it simply, Spieth uses a modified double overlap grip where his right hand is interlocked with his left hand, which is positioned lower. He does this to ensure that both hands work together enhancing his ability to control and stabilize the putt.

Many golfers tend to overlook the importance of having both hands in sync. It plays an important role in achieving a smooth, effective and reliable putting motion. If you're an aspiring golfer looking to refine or improve your putting skills, adopting Spieth’s version of the overlap grip may help you achieve controlled and integrated strokes over time.

Shaft Lean and Wrist Movement: Finding the Perfect Balance

In addition to his grip technique Spieth consistently utilizes a forward shaft minimal wrist movement in his putting stroke. By doing this he combines flexibility with stability to strike that balance for every stroke.

However, it's important to highlight the significance of a slight forward shaft lean, in conjunction with a crucial technique for hand placement. Spieth positions his hands ahead of the putter’s head granting him command and consistency when striking the ball. This technique of leaning also prevents the wrist from becoming overly rigid thereby facilitating smoother and more natural putting strokes.

In summary, while wrist movements are beneficial, excessive movement can compromise consistency. By adopting Spieth’s putting grip, which incorporates a minimal wrist movement as second nature you can enhance the fluidity and reliability of your putting stroke overall.

Avoiding Excessive Wrist Movement: The Key to Consistent Putting

When an accomplished putter like Jordan Spieth advocates for wrist movement to achieve consistent putting strokes it behooves us to heed his advice. His strokes are dependable and predictable because he strikes a balance between avoiding rigidity or looseness in his wrists.

The rationale behind this is straightforward; allowing excessive freedom of movement in your wrists typically leads to control resulting in putting performance on the greens.

That's why golfers who want to improve their putting skills should try using Jordan Spieths putting grip and the techniques that go with it. The Spieth style focuses on maintaining wrist movement, which helps prevent any excessive wrist motions. This leads to a fluid stroke ultimately improving a golfer’s performance through practice.

Practical Tips for Practicing Spieth's Method

Now that we've analyzed why Spieth's putting technique is a force to be reckoned with, let's effectively learn how to implement them in our practice or golf sessions.

Grip Adjustment 

Start by strategically positioning your left hand lower on the grip of the club with your right slightly higher. While stroking, make sure it remains firm until and after impact. 

Implementing Double Overlap

Remember Spieth's right-hand technique we've previously clarified in this article? Align the right hand with your left, interlocking it in a double-overlapping position. This will create the perfect harmony between them and help them work together, effectively increasing control and stability in your putting game.

Slight Forward Shaft Lean 

Once the grip is adjusted, position yourself with a slight forward shaft lean, a technique to stabilize your wrist and prevent it from becoming too rigid or loose. Finding that balance of wrist flexibility and firmness might take time, but once you have it under control, you'll discover yourself making more consistent and controlled strokes.

Consistency Is Always Key

Adapting to a new grip will always make you feel unusual and uncomfortable, so it is essential to be patient with yourself and practice all these techniques consistently. Remember to take each step slowly, binding together all the components– wrist movement, shaft lean, and grip– that work together to create a more controlled and consistent putting stroke, and spend hours on it.

Conclusion: Embracing the Spieth Approach for Putting Excellence

Jordan Spieth's Putting excellence is a marvel to witness and an asset to master for professionals and golf enthusiasts alike, yet he didn't achieve this overnight. The journey to where he is demands immense patience and continuous refinement. Still, it definitely stands as a testament to the art of consistency and precision in golf today, which is a lesson on its own.

No matter the skill level, golfers can receive invaluable lessons from Spieth's grip and stroke techniques, and by embracing them with consistent practice, you can enhance the consistency and reliability of your own putting game. In addition, adopting and implementing techniques from professionals such as Spieth into your practice sessions will offer a solid foundation for your putting game and set you up for permanent success on the green.

To sum it up, it's not just the technique we're adopting but embracing the mindset of meticulousness and steady progress that Spieth approached with for his putting excellence.


What Sets Jordan Spieth's Putting Grip From Other Professionals/Golfers?

Unlike the conventional grip that most professionals/golfers use, Spieth's grip features a "left-hand low" grip where his left hand is placed lower than his right, which promotes a firm left wrist perfect for enhancing accuracy and consistency. 

In What Way Does Spieth's Right Hand Enhance His Putting Technique?

Spieth uses a double overlapping grip with his right hand that perfectly harmonizes with his left, allowing them to work together with enhanced stability and control, leading to a more coordinated stroke.

In Spieth's Putting Stroke, Why Is A Slight Forward Shaft Lean Recommended?

The slight forward shaft lean helps maintain the perfect flexibility and firmness, creating the perfect stroke. At the same time, it is a technique to prevent wrist stiffness, allowing your putting strokes to be more consistent and fluid.

What Are Some Ways To Avoid Moving My Wrist Excessively During Putting Strokes?

You can avoid it by developing a controlled wrist movement. To do this, you must find the perfect balance between keeping your wrist firm and flexible.

Can You Provide Practical Advice For Incorporating Jordan Spieth's Putting Techniques Into My Game?

Certainly, adjust your grip by positioning the left hand lower than your right and aligning them in unison while adding firmness. Next, maintain a forward shaft lean and stick to minimal wrist movement. Practice it regularly to obtain consistent putting strokes and great overall performance on the green.

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