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Golf Tips On How To Fix Pull Hooks With Hip Adjustment

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Whether you play golf as a hobby or by profession, it’s pretty challenging and requires a lot of dedication, time, skill, and training. Watching the players swing the ball may look smooth and natural,..


Do you want to fix your pull hooks? If so, this article is for you!

Whether you play golf as a hobby or by profession, it’s pretty challenging and requires a lot of dedication, time, skill, and training. Watching the players swing the ball may look smooth and natural, but it all comes with relentless practice.

As such, even the most experienced players face several significant challenges. But the most common difficulty that golfers find frustrating is the pull hook. This is why it’s crucial to have a correct body position if you’re aiming to hit consistent, powerful shots. Otherwise, it’s going to be highly challenging.

So, in this article, we’ll focus primarily on alignment and hip movement as they play vital roles in your swing. By the end, you should be able to adjust your body and hips and swing like a pro!

Understanding Pull Hooks In Golf

You may already be aware that a pull hook is devastating and an unfortunate shot for most golfers. This usually happens due to excessive right-to-left sidespin, causing the ball to begin it’s trajectory from the left of the intended target and curve further left during spin. It’s not a minor inconvenience, and the primary issue lies in the golf swing, which is related to the club’s path and face angle at impact.

This is why understanding and identifying the root cause of this right-to-left spin is essential to improve your techniques if you struggle with pull hooks.

So here, your hips play a significant role rather than providing support. The movement and alignment of your hip with the golf ball are crucial in dictating the club’s path, as your hip posture heavily affects the swing.

Likewise, if your hip is misaligned, rotates improperly, being too static, or even sliding, it’ll throw out the balance while you swing. In such a situation, it’ll cause the club to curve left rather than hitting it squarely. So it’s essential that you aim to maintain a square clubface throughout, or it can lead to hook spin.

The Position Of Your Body

Yes! Another important aspect is to ensure that your body is positioned correctly, especially with the ball, or you will miss the hit.

If you want to swing a successful shot, keep several things in mind, such as your stance, the angle of your hips with the golf ball, and overall posture.

For instance, an upright stance may hinder your body’s natural rotation and will likely cause improper swing. Similarly, if your hip is positioned too far forward or backward, it can mess up the balance and rhythm, thus making it challenging for you to maintain a consistent swing path.

Also, attention to detail is essential, as each body position is critical in executing a successful swing. While playing golf, balance is everything, and knowing how to improve your body alignment can boost your performance and prevent pull hooks.

Hips Play A Pivotal Role In Golf Swing

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, by now, you know that the hips play a gigantic role in golf swing as they control the entire motion. When your hips are aligned, they move correctly, thus guiding the direction and path of the swing.

By saying this, when you’re about to swing, the first thing is to position your hips, as this will enable the upper body and arms to relax. This drill is essential for setting up a desired path, whether for hitting straight shots or maintaining a balanced swing.

However, consistency and stability are equally crucial besides aligning your hips, so you should practice rotating your hips. Constant changes in hip movements can disrupt swing mechanics and lead to undesirable outcomes.

In saying this, while swinging, if you rotate your hips too quickly or slowly without aligning the rest of your body, it will hinder your performance, and your shots will miss the target.

Additionally, the angle and speed at which your hips rotate play a crucial role in the overall fight path of your shot. Proper hip rotation is essential for striking the ball effectively as it helps maintain your spine angle and balance throughout the swing.

So, if you want significant improvements, understanding and mastering your hip movement is key, as it’ll enable you to swing powerful and consistent shots.

Strategies To Eliminate Pull Hooks

When talking about improving pull hooks, you need to make several adjustments, such as focusing on your hip movement, spine angle, and the position of your legs.

However, the most crucial point to remember is controlling your hip movement. You must avoid untimely rotation and ensure that your hip rotates promptly. By mastering your hip movement, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to hit the ball correctly and hit the target.

Besides, your spine angle also plays a significant role. As such, tilting your spine slightly from the target will create a stable position where you can swing correctly. In doing so, this technique will prevent your body from leaning too far and help maintain the correct path of the club.

Now, if you’re a right-handed golfer, the position of your right leg during the backswing and downswing is critical. So, your right leg should be angled slightly inward. Maintaining this position will help improve your swing and create a stable path.

Though these adjustments may seem insignificant, they can substantially impact your performance. So, by applying these strategies, you can fix pull hooks and enhance your golf game.

Expert Tips And Drills

Do you want to level your golf game and swing like a pro? In that case, incorporating specific exercises and drills during your practice can be highly beneficial.

Flexibility and strength are crucial in a golf game, so you should do exercises such as lunges and targeted hip rotations to improve on those areas. Doing so can help increase your range of motion and control and enhance your hip movement for a polished, accurate swing.

Maintaining the spine angle is also vital. So, the best idea for this is to practice in front of a mirror as you can see your posture and alignment in real time, and it can be highly beneficial in improving your stance.

For right-handed golfers, the position of the right leg is crucial. To improve this, drills that help maintain your leg's correct angle and position during the swing will prove beneficial. Likewise, placing a small object, like a ball, under your right foot while swinging will help you maintain balance and control.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Golf Game

Firstly, the most common mistake golfers make is sliding their hips too far to the right during a backswing, leading to pull hooks. This is why you have to learn to control your hip movement.

The spine angle is another repeated error. If you’re not maintaining the correct spine angle, it’ll cause pull hooks. So, it’s crucial to maintain a proper spine posture to balance your swing and prevent upright posture.

Finally, the most overlooked mistake is the right leg position; this applies to right-handed golfers. If your right leg is not aligned correctly, you’ll lose balance and control, which contributes to pulling hooks. So, to ensure that your leg is not angled outward, practice controlling your leg position to improve your swing.


At this point, you know very well that mastering a golf swing is paying close attention to detail, especially when controlling your body movements. Hence, practicing keeping the right stance by positioning your legs and spine angle can significantly help eliminate pull hooks in a game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do You Mean By Pull Hook In A Golf Game?

A pull hook in a golf game is the most disappointing shot for players as the ball begins left from the intended target and curves even further due to excessive spin. This usually happens due to the body’s wrong position and misaligned hips.

What Role Do The Hips Play In A Golf Swing?

The hip position plays a vital role in a golf swing as it dictates the club’s path, thereby affecting the swing’s power and balance. This is why proper hip movement is essential to hit a powerful swing.

How Do You Adjust The Body To Eliminate Pull Hooks?

For this, control hip rotation, slightly tilt your spine forward, and ensure that your right leg (for right-handed golfers) is slightly angled inward during the backswing and downswing.

Can I Fix Pull Hooks With Exercises And Drills?

Absolutely! Exercises and drills that help enhance hip flexibility, maintain a consistent spine angle, and focus on positioning your leg correctly can significantly improve your swing and help you avoid pull hooks.

How Do You Avoid Common Mistakes In A Golf Swing To Prevent Pull Hooks?

To prevent such disappointments, ensure that your hip is aligned correctly and not too far to the right towards the right in the backswing, and always position your leg perfectly.

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